The Band

Pentaichon is an ethnic-folk band that study, researches and plays all the types of the greek, traditional music. Pentaichon is a compound word from 'penta', that means 'five' (5), and 'ichos' or 'echo' that means 'sound'. In that way, the meaning of our name is the complex of five different sound into one.
By the sweet sound of the violin, the lute and the santur, the wild sound of the wind instruments (gaida, clarinet, tsambouna etc) and the dynamic rhythm of the greek percussions (davul, darbuka, bendir etc) we use our music knowledges in order to improvise with our virtuosity. We are a company of musicians that we perform the greek traditional music in a very-new way. A mix of ethnic, folk and jazzy sound is the identity of our music.

Pentaichon's members :

Aggeliki Pardali ~ Vocals, Greek Santur
Harry Lygkos ~ Vocals, Violin
Panos Skouteris ~ Vocals, Wind-Instruments (Clarinet,Bagpipes,Flutes)
Panagiotis Stathakis ~ Vocals, Lute
Kostas Karamesios ~ Vocals, Percussions (Davul,Darbuka,Bendir,Kajon,etc)