Aggeliki Pardali

Aggeliki Pardali was born in 1997 in Athens. It comes from a family with great experiential beliefs about both of her origins (Asia Minor and Karpenisi). At age of 6, she starts piano lessons, which continues until today, along with her studies in the music theory and from her 10 she is taught a santur next to the musical and the great instrumentalist, Ourania Lambropoulou. She has participated in seminars such as the Music Village of Pelion with professor Andreas Katsigiannis and in Rovies Evia with professor Ourania Lambropoulou. Today she is a student of the Department of Musical Studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, a founding member of the Pentaichon and teaches santuri in KEPEM.


Harry Lygkos

Harry Lygkos was born in 1998 in Athens, where he grew up. From the age of 12 he begins his studies at the Music School of Ilion where he received the first knowledge in the traditional violin. A stimulus for his work with the music and instrument, his experiences at the traditional festivals of Ikaria, a place where he spends his summers from an early age. He has studied with Kyriakos Gouvendas, Nikos Fakaros, Andreas Preka and others, each of which has been the occasion for further deepening of the sounds and the genres of the regions of Greece. He is one of the founding members of the Pentaichon. In the summer of 2016 he finished his studies at the Music School of Ilion and began studying at the Department of International, European and Regional Studies of the Panteion University.


Panos Skouteris

Panagiotis Skouteris was born in Athens in 1997. Due to his special background, he began at 12 to deal with the greek clarinet. At the age of 16 he start the study of the several types of bagpipes in greek territory. He has studied with distinguished folk musicians such as Nikos Filippidis, Giorgos Kotsinis and others. By being a founding member of "Pentaichon", he has participated in a variety of music-dance performances, concerts and traditional events throughout Greece and abroad. For the needs of the band, he dealt with the folk song and began his elaborate study. Today he teaches clarinet in conservatories of Athens and promotes the traditional 'playing' inherent in new techniques and perceptions.


Panagiotis Stathakis

Panagiotis Stathakis was born in 1998 in Athens. At age 13 he started lute lessons at the Ilion Music School, from which he graduated. At the age of 15, he began lute lessons to Christos Zotos. Also in 2014 he attended a seminar of traditional music with a choice of the lute in the summer seminars: "THE ARTS IN DODECANESE III". In 2016 he began studying at the Department of Musical Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.


Kostas Karamesios

Konstantinos Karamessios was born in 1997 in Athens. From the age of 8 he began his work with music and rhythm, studying drums. With his entrance at the Ilion Music School he dealt with traditional percussion. He has systematically studied darbuka, bendir, ntefi, and then davul and kajon. He has been studying next to the famous musician Yannis Gevgelis, with whom he continues his studies with Konstantinos Kalatzis, who has been a professor at the Music School. He is now studying at the Department of Economic and Regional Development at Panteion University, while his main occupation is his professional career with the Pentaichon.